A Slice of Life

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This website will be used to build a professional online presence for myself.

Janice Rodriguez, a senior Communication Studies major at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, is a determined individual who values work ethic and creativity. Education has always been important to Rodriguez who earned her associate’s degree while attending high school. She chose to pursue her bachelor’s degree at St. Mary’s because of its values, such as educating for service and peace, and learning how one’s passions can be used to serve the community. While at St. Mary’s, she was a staff writer for The Rattler, the university’s student-run newspaper and a member of the theater department where she performed in “A Gown for His Mistress” and “The Triangle Factory Fire Project.” Rodriguez was an intern at Project Nia where she increased the sales of the company by creating and managing accounts. In the future, Rodriguez hopes to become a small business owner and using theater as a technique for troubled students.

Hang in there

As I begin this semester, I feel that it is going to require the most planning of all because this is my last semester at St. Mary’s. I’m excited to learn more about implementing technology into communications because the world is quickly adapting to becoming more reliant on technology. This class will also open a window to help me create and establish a professional social media presence which I am excited to develop. One of my biggest challenges is technology and using different software that I am not familiar. Personally, I wouldn’t consider myself tech-friendly but I’m a quick learner, so I’m sure to get the hang of it with practice. Another one of my weaknesses is time-management. I am a forgetful person and setting reminders on my calendar, phone or computer still doesn’t always help. This hurts me when I’m planning things and giving myself enough time to get my assignments done, so the one thing I’m going to focus on this semester is doing everything early (while is still remember), so I don’t lose time or focus. This course relates to my future career because knowing how to adapt messages to different social media outlets and using key software are essential when building a small business.  I want to make the most out of not only this class but this semester since it is my last. I want to take in everything that I can and create something I am proud of with this class. 

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